Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Playa's got some Dwindle in.
That's right, that means Almost, Enjoi, Blind, Cliche, Darkstar, Tensor, and Jessup.
We got dat, fa sho.


Anonymous said...

damn! right when i need a new deck too!

Anonymous said...

damn! right after i bought a new deck, shouldve waited ><

Anonymous said...

whens voting?

Anonymous said...

damn nigga. aint no baker boards ..
yall niggas slackin son. fake ass shop das what. no emericas anymore, its all bout dat fashion now. i guess huh. yall aint true no mo' cuzz.

Anonymous said...

yeah. foreal.
its all like fancy shoes, no more skatecore brands.
the guy who said that is right. =(

Anonymous said...

hey whens the blackbox shipment coming!!
been fordupersuper ever!!!

im craving and need!!
some new wood to shred!!

Jon Jose (JOSER) said...

Hey guys

We got some bakers and sk8 mafia's in about 2-3 weeks ago.

About the emericas, We have been trying to re-order them for the last year. They have been giving us problems.

I dont know when the last time you guys were in the store, but we still support skate brands. DVS, Lakai, vans, and we are getting VOX soon.

We try to cater to all customers in our shop, that is why we bring in skate related companies, like adidas, CONS, gravis, etc. plus these companies have the shoe technology to help skateboarding and they have great skate teams!

We try to bring in what the people want, and people want enjoi and almost! I do not think we are slacking because we listen to every single customer in the store, and we take into account what they request. We may not get shipments in a timely manner, but that is the down side to doing business with companies thousands of miles away.

Mark-black box should be coming. I ordered it last month. Keep shreding, and thanks for keeping it positive everyone.

voting starts soon!

Anonymous said...

haters cuz. they dont even know what it is.


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