Tuesday, April 27, 2010


++++++For IMMEDIATE Press Release++++++

Free and open invitation to the Public.

The Vans Skate and BMX Team will be coming to Tumon Bay Guam and doing an autograph signing and demo in front of DNA EVOLUTION and KICKS/HI GUAM on Thursday Night April 29 starting at 6pm.

DNA EVOLUTION and KICKS/HI GUAM invite the public especially Skaters and action sports enthusiasts to come on down for a chance to meet members of the Vans Skate Team and BMX Team and see them in action. We will have an autograph signing session, and a "Jam Session" demo on the sidewalk in front of DNA EVOLUTION and KICKS/HI GUAM.

The Long Live Crew will be releasing their long awaited Skate Deck/Tee Pack and a preview of The Long Live Skate Video at the event.

All are welcome at this rare event, please join us in Tumon in front of DNA EVOLUTION and KICKS/HI GUAM for this epic and memorable event.


Saturday, April 3, 2010

King of The Park 3

So there it is! All the info you need to know about King of The Park 3! You can also sign up for Sk8 Guam membership at the event. If your 3 year 1 year membership is up, this is also the time to renew it! (LOL)

See you there!